Elizabeth Valle, is a Miami-born artist with a passion for bringing whimsical and colorful art to life. Her true passion lies in children's picture book illustrations. Her work captivates young readers with its whimsy and playfulness, using vivid colors and imaginative characters to create enchanting worlds.

She Majored in Illustration and Minored in Themed Entertainment Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), in Savannah, GA. She spent a semester in Hong Kong, immersing herself in its unique art and culture.

Seeking to expand her creative horizon, she then settled in Daegu, South Korea for a few years, where she embraced new experiences and soaked in the rich artistic traditions and culture of the country.

Elizabeth finds inspiration in exploring new places and learning from the world around her. Animals hold a special place in her heart, evident in her personal life and art. She is accompanied by her fiance and three beloved dogs.

I am available for new projects and opportunities (:

Feel free to contact me at elizabethvvalle@gmail.com